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Progr3ss has a result-oriented approach including the journey towards it in collaboration with the client. Prioritizing a client's wishes, schematic planning and problem solving before, during and after a project follow-up are some of our key company values.

Progr3ss pioneer
Frans Mathé

Building and interior fitting are in Frans' genes: he grew up in a construction-related world where his father taught him the tricks of the profession, and most importantly the love and passion for the trade. Frans has a master's degree in industrial sciences focused on construction and can look back on a career of almost 40 years in managerial positions, more than half of which were self-employed.

We started Progr3ss with a special mission that resulted from these years of experience: to be there as an agile and meaningful organisation for our clients.

Frans guides, facilitates and coordinates.

Progr3ss maker
Steven Dereymaeker

Steven truly describes his job as his hobby. He has always lived in the building profession, grew up with it and a few years laters started his own business in this field.

As a Progr3ss maker, Steven is specialised in project follow-up, retail establishments and structural work.

Progr3ss maker
Jurgen van Beers

From an early age, Jurgen was interested in construction and building. As a student, he already worked for a contracting company. A few years later, in 2002, with a degree in interior and furniture design from Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, Jurgen left for the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan to earn a master's degree. His more than 20 years of work experience mainly involve concept developer and project manager. Together with Anouk, he started Concept Nikèl a few years ago.

You can turn to this Progr3ss Maker for project follow-up. His specializations are office buildings and studying detail constructions.

Progr3ss designer
Anouk Schreurs

Anouk started her career at Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen and 
graduated in 2002 as an interior and furniture designer. The following year, she obtained a master's degree in Milan at the Instituto Europeo di Design where she also did an internship. Meanwhile, she gathered about 20 years of work experience, the last seven of which she has been self-employed with her interior design agency Concept Nikèl together with Jurgen.

Anouk will complement Progr3ss in designing both interiors and bespoke furniture.

junior Progr3ss maker
Axelle Stulens

Axelle joined the team in 2022 after graduating from the Universiteit Hasselt as an interior architect. During her studies, she followed an internship at Concept Nikèl, which brought her within the walls of Progr3ss.Today, she works as 'junior Progr3ss maker', helping you with various things from design and implementation plans to administration.Only available one day a week from September 2023. 

​APRIL 2023

Progr3ss health and security dog
Jax The Whippet

JUNE 2023


© Stephanie Bex

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